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Hello everyone,


I'm currently working on a new build (my first one), and I just need a little clarification of a few details in regards to Corsair RGB fans. The case I'm using is the Corsair 570X which includes (3) SP120 fans pre-wired to the hub. I also have (3) ML120 fans, and an H80i V2 AIO cooler.


I know different series of Corsair fans are not compatible with each other going into the same iCue Commander fan controller; however, my intention is to move two of the SP120 fans to the top for exhaust (one of the fans I won't use), mount the ML120 fans on the front as intakes, and use the H80i V2 as the rear exhaust. If I understand correctly, I will need to use a second fan controller that is included with the ML120 fan set to run these fans. Then both of the Controllers (for the SP & ML series fans) can plug into the same Corsair Lighting Node. Is this correct? And with the synchronize all five fans that are attached to the same Node through their respective Controllers?


Also, for the fans that are attached to the H80i V2, can these get plugged into one of the controllers as well? Or would I need to plug the RGB connector straight into the header on my motherboard (Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra) and still be able to use iCue? I would like to keep everything synced, but the Node only has space for two LED connections.


And on the subject of synchronization, I'm also getting the MSI 2080 TI Gaming X Trio. Have the issues been resolved that cause the MSI RGB software to overwrite iCue settings? If the MSI and Corsair software don't work nicely together that's okay with me, but I would at least like to have the MSI RGB on "demo mode" or something instead of just needing to leave it off so it doesn't create any conflicts with the Corsair components.


Lastly, after doing all this re-configuring, would I still be able to use the fan control buttons on the top of the case? And why is there a fan controller inside the case as well? It keeps pretty useless once the glass panel is attached...


I apologize for the bombardment of questions. As I said, this is my first build and want to make sure I'm getting everything setup and wired correctly.


Any helpful advise is greatly appreciated!! (Trolls need not reply.)

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Both of the RGB Fan LED Hubs can plug in to the a CoPro or NoPro. As long as the SP-RGB and the ML-RGB fans are on separate channels, you are good. Fans don't connect directly to the NoPro; the connect to the RGB Fan Hub which is then connected to the NoPro/CoPro channel. And you'll lose the buttons on the case. But you'll have far more control over them with iCUE than you do with the buttons.

The stock fans with the H80iV2 aren't RGB. You'll want to plug their PWM connectors directly into the pump connection.


I suggest you check out the RGB FAQ - that will answer a lot of your questions. It's linked in my signature.

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