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Corsair Value Select 16GB wont boot


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Mobo: Gigabyte H110M-DS2 DDR4

CPU: I3 6100


Current old RAM:Hyper x FURY 8GBX1


And lets start with the problem :laughing:


So i bought a corsair value select 16 GBx1 2400 mhz CMV16GX4M1A2400C16 and it arrived yesterday. First move was just to take of the old RAM kit and in its place, place the new one. Wich i did and after the power up pc wouldnt boot and not only that but it also kept BSOD the whole time.


For the following hours i tried the folloing:

Updated BIOS to last F24 version of November 18

Cleaned with a rubber the pins of the new RAM

Cleared CMOS with a screwdriver

Selected option on BIOS for WIN10/8

MEMTEST freezes at 8% on the new RAM

switched both ram slots on mobo


Nothing worked, i am typing with the old ram on


Any ideas? Cause after 72 euro in Greece my last option is to resell it

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