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Don´t use Colored Corsair Coolant!


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Warning! Corsair Hydro X Blue Coolant rendered my GPU Block useless after 3 Weeks of use. Support said i should clean it up with Toothbrush and soapy water but its not working. No RMA for me! Here is some Video [ame]



Here are some pictures where you can see that the left side of the cooler is cludy(there is no flow through) and the right side is clear.





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If there would be no flow, the water would start boiling eventually in the fin stack and your computer would malfunction.


The reason why you see deposits on one side only is due to the fact that cooling fin stack acts as a filter, thus bigger particles are caught on the inlet side of the water block channel.


What you see is most likely dirt deposit build-up, which has absorbed blue dye from your coolant. If you would have, say, red coolant, you would see red deposits. One you dry it up, it coagulates and becomes crystalline like.


Why am I so certain? It's because if this deposits are not soluble in water, it hasn't come from the coolant. The coolant has merely contributed the dye part.


Best way to clean these kinds of deposits is to use household ultrasonic cleaner with distilled water. Turn the heat up if it has that function (I'm sure it does), run it for 30-60minutes and it will as good as new.


I use a small 2-litre $60 USD ultrasonic cleaner at home for cleaning all kinds of small metallic parts, from silverware to jewerly, and it works like a charm.

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