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Need to RMA 1GB stick of server RAM

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I have a server with a Tyan motherboard running dual CPUs and 2GBs of memory. Each stick is Corsair 1GB PC2100 Registered ECC DDR, module number: CM74SD1024R-2100/S


I have a 1 stick that is no longer seen by the server. The other 1GB stick in the server is fine. I've pulled out the good stick and tried the 'bad' one in all of the slots and the server still beeps indicating no RAM is installed. I put the good stick back in and server operates and loads OS. I need to RMA this bad stick ASAP as the server's performance is subpar running Citrix with only 1GB.


BTW, reseller I purchased server from 2 years ago said to deal with Corsair directly as I was out of their own 1 year warranty.




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