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Problem with sniper buttom M65 Pro


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Hi guys.


i have a little problem with my M65.

When stay playing (1800DPÏ) accidentally press sniper buttom and DPI decrease to DPI are configurate in that buttom (400 PDI). That is normal...

The problem is when i release sniper buttom, DPI are to sniper buttom yet (400DPI) and will to come back to normal DPI i have reconfigured DPI in iCUE software.


Any with same problem?

Any solution?


Firmware version is 3.06


Sorry, but my english is not very good :P

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Is the button physically getting stuck? You might be able to test by going into iCUE, M65, and the Actions menu. Use + to create a new action. Select A-Z remap and pick any letter. Assign it to the sniper button. You have now replaced the DPI shift to 400 with the letter. Go to any text box (like this reply field) and push the sniper once. If it is stuck, it should leave a trail of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa across the screen. That may separate a software glitch from a physical one.
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