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New Build-Old Guy Needs lots of Advice!

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Good Day to all!


I am new here, so a quick rundown...

I have built over a half dozen, as my wife calls them, Game Boys, In my life.

Not many compare to most of you but quite a bit for me.

I have never gone all in, just kept them simple and as powerful as I could.

This will probably be my last build as I am over 60 now and won't have the $$$ to do this after retirement.

So I am diving off the deep end and going for the something that will probably last me till I can't "Play" anymore!

I am hoping you have the patience to help me through the trials I am sure to come up against.

I have started to design the system and that is most of what I have in my specs.

I will be ordering these parts at the end of the month, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and through to Christmas.

Her's what the wish list has so far:

1000d Of course!

ROG Crosshair VIII Hero(WiFi) 570

AMD 9-3950x (Should be out this Month)

ROG Matrix Platinum(Doubt I will be able to get this but really want it)

Second choice Zotac 2080 ti Amp Extreme then Aorus 2080 ti Xtreme!

AX1200i PSU W/ Blue Corsair Cabling

32g of 3600 Dominator Platinum with Cooler.

MP600 1tb OS drive

MP600 1tb Data drive


Now onto cooling...

2 ea 480mm corsair Radiators

16 LL120s Push/Pull up front

3 LL140 exhaust on top

2 LL120 intake in back

16mm Hard Line Acrylic tube

2 corsair Pump/Res.

EKWB Mono Block for Hero

Depending on Video card/ WB/Backplate

Going with Fittings and Straight tubing rather than Bends.


Add some SSD in Raid for Data/Backup.

K70 Rapidfire KB


Dual ROG PG278QR Monitors.


I will post next some questions about the wiring for the Fans I have been trying to figure out. Back to work for me now.

Thank you in advance for your Advice and Assistance!

Look forward to this project!


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Hi buddy.. and welcome..



so, you would prob be wise to read a few threads related to your needs...



first.. RGB/iCUE Faq




Hydro X Faq





and a 1000D guide i put together..





have a read through those and shout back if you need further advice :)

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Thank you I was going to get started reading through your info, I really appreciate you sharing your experience and insight. Right now it's the fan controlling I am concerned about like the one poster said 21 fans is a bunch load and I am not quite understanding how they all link together and then link to the MB. I will read up and get back! Again thank you and will keep you in the loop!
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The two fans setup would be 120MM on Back...

If I use LL's the they will be Exhaust to get RGB inside of case!

the Top 3 are 140mm, If I make them LL's then I could use the came Fan hub, i believe. You can't really see the RGB from the top from what I can tell from gallery pics?

If I may ask...the two COPROs say to hook into the case COPRO but I am not sure where they hook into?

Would it be to the two USB ports?


If you could enlighten me, I would be appreciative!


I put 5 of the 3 pack 120mm Hd kits in my list which gives me the 5 fan hubs...


With the fans behind, almost...


I was going to get a couple of the light kits...




So how would they link in?


Thank you so much...

If you need you can list me as a dependent for tax purposes!

Like I said Fans... Lighting and liquid cooling are all new to me!

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I was reading through this post...

And something stuck with me from another post you did which I did not know..


"firstly. for this I will be using the 8 x 120mm Tray from Corsair's 1000d Super Tower. and 2 x Corsair Hydro X series XR7 480mm Radiators and 16 x Corsair LL120 RGB Fans.


per the Icue post...

"LL RGB Fans: 16 Individually addressed LEDs, 12 around the outside and 4 around the hub. These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). The RGB effect is only visible from the intake side of the fan.


But if you are using a push/pull method then the RGB effect on either the inside or outside will be on the radiator side of the fan and would not be able to be seen?


Is that correct or did I misunderstand...?

That is why I decided to switch to 16 of the HD fans...


"HD RGB Fans: 12 Individually addressed LEDs around the outside of the fan. These are 4-pin PWM fans and can be controlled from any 4-pin PWM header or 3-pin DC header (PWM is preferred and provides better control). They have a clear fan body and are visible from both intake and exhaust."


The only Question I have besides this is...

Is it better to have airflow from outside to inside or the reverse?

My thought was get as cool air as possible(outside Case) through radiator to cool liquid down as much as possible. then use triple 140s to pull the warm air out the top since that is the normal flow of warm/hot air.


The plan was to have 2 480s, each with it's own pump, one for Mono Block, one for GPU WB. That should give plenty of cooling to each area.


Also have the 2 120s in the back bring in cool air and exhaust out the top but my concern is I have 16 fans pulling in, albeit through the radiators PLUS 2 more fans pulling air in and only 3 140s pulling air out, I believe I am too out of balance. I might have to have the 120s in the back exhaust also.


I know then sell an optional tray to put 4 120s in the top of the case...

This might given me a little more flow but I am concerned about clearance since I am using the push/pull setup in the front.


This is where I need your advice and suggestions. Please enlighten me!


Again thank you so much for your patience and assistance.

I am a planner and hate to get this build going and hit snags...

Love the smooth route without bumps...

Bumps aggravate my arthritis and raise my blood pressure...

It's tough getting old!




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Hey bud,,, sorry for delay man. been a hectic few days at work and still got a few left to go. will get back to you as soon as i get chance to sit at my desk and get my head around your needs ;)


but a quicky re the front rad/top tray clearance..



i have 2x480 front and 2x360 top.. both in push/pull. you can see clearances here...



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Wow your setup is awesome. Kind of what I am going for but cooling capacity wise I did not believe I needed the 360 on the top. Like I mentioned earlier, 1 480 for cpu, the other 480 for the gpu. I am not heavy into OC. Tweak both up a bit but not max them out.

I appreciate your time and am patient, work rest relax I will be here. Still reading through your reference material. I’m on 12 hour days at work so I understand. Take care and again Thank you very much for your patience and support.


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Need some advice on Motherboards...

Formula vs Hero?

I don't care about network connection which is a big factor on the formula...

But the Formula does have 2 extra 4 pin system connections...

and 2 extra USB type A ports...

And has a 4.0 x16 x4 mode slot vs the Hero having an extra 4.0 x16 slot.

The water cooled VRM is not that big a deal since EKWB has a mono block for the Hero now so can actually be cooled like the formula.

Bottom Line is the Formula worth the extra $$???

Until I started looking at the connections needed for fans and lighting I didn't believe it was worth it... But Now?

Please weigh in?


Thank you again for all your help and support!



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Until I started looking at the connections needed for fans and lighting I didn't believe it was worth it... But Now?

Please weigh in?


well.. given you are heading down the Corsair RGB route.. you shouldnt need any of those connections bud so dont go making choices based on that


everything connects through Commander Pros.....

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Then I can't see the expense difference for the Formula board!


But Yesterday I was happy to hear I might have a chance to get the 9-3950x processor on the 25th!


And Now if Asus will just release the Matrix Card I would be Fat Dumb AND Happy!!!


If Anyone hear anything about the Matrix card please let me know!


Thank you so Much!


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Well I just saw the news about the new QL series fans...

Thought they would be good to have due to the lights embedded and they are only $10 more on the 3 pack.

But the 3 Pack comes with the CORSAIR Lighting Node CORE. I looked through your reference material and can not find this reference.

Will they take the place of the Fan hubs or are they totally different?

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