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H110i Getting USB in without taking block apart.


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Hello everyone!


To cut a long story I acquired my PC from a friend a while back and have recently decided to try and fix a problem it's had since I bought it - the inability to change the RGB on the water block.


Now the block doesn't show up in any software but im 99% sure the reason for this is because when my friend installed it he decided against adding the USB component that is in the side of the block.


I have a Micro USB cable handy and as far as I know, I should be able to just plug this in and connect it to a USB port on my PC change the RBG and then take it out which is want I want to do.


The problem I have is that there is I think there is a "flap" covering what I imagine is the port on the side of the block. Since my friend decided not to install the USB to begin with he obviously didn't remove it - my question is - is it possible to do so without taking the block apart? I don't wanna poke at it with a screwdriver and cause more damage that I should be because I've been stupid.


Any help would be much appreciated








Added an image (Apologies for the dust, haha)

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Are you sure that is a H100i? It looks more like a H110i (GT) which will have 140mm fans, 280mm radiator vs the 120/240mm. It is also a different OEM and thus some construction elements are different as well.


If that is the H110i (formerly GT), then the rubber cap is hiding the mini-USB port.

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