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How do I fix this?


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I have a corsair strafe rgb keyboard a corsair link cpu cooler and a corsair scimitar. I'm runing iCUE 3.21.88. My keyboard firmware is 3.08 and my mouse firmware is 3.14.


I'm basically running a noncomplicated software setup. I have all lighting turned off all dps presets turned off but the lowest. I have two key remappings on my mouse. The mouse has button 5 remapped to sniper toggle and button 6 is a scroll lock toggle for push to talk for discord. I'm running windows 10 pro x64 OS build 18362.418. I have all of my windows updates installed.


Before the newest iQue version my mouse side buttons image in ique are corrupt and I've done a uninstall of ique and cleared all realted data and this hasn't gone away. For many, many ique updates this has been a problem and constantly my mouse remaps have been breaking. How do I fix that?


Today before the update and every time any iCue update is published and my icue software sees that my default profile on the mouse for those two key remaps stops working. If I close ique software my mouse works if I open it again those two mouse binds are broke. How do I fix this perminatly so every time there is an icue update it doesn't break my mouse? All of my hardware mouse profiles work but my mouse default software profile is broken? Does iQue keep breaking my mosue should I never use icue? How do I fix this? I'm tired of always having issues with my icue software. Can't we just never update the software and just have iQue work?


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