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New HX1200 PSU flickers computer


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I just bought a new Corsair HX1200 PSU a few weeks ago and found that recently it has been flickering my computer on and off.


I found out because when I was experimenting with the main power cord (3 pin kettle cord), I found that touching it even slightly would shut the computer off, but still leave all the RGB lights on (so it seems its still getting some power?).


When I pushed the cord hard into the PSU, the computer turned back on, but as soon as I let go, the computer shut off again. So it seems the cord just can't go in far enough for some reason.


I don't want to push in the cord too hard as it could damage the PSU, nor do I want to prop the cord in place with books or tape.


How can I fix this? Why is this happening with a brand new PSU? Is it worth while buying a new cord (FYI I am using the cord that came with the PSU).

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