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Corsair Vengence Pro RGB Memory won't light up at boot.


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Hi I just bought 2 more sticks of Corsair Vengence RGB PRO to go along my other two sticks of the same taking me to 32GB.


But I noticed the new sticks light up on boot up while the older sticks I bought last year won't light up at boot up. As you can imagine it looks odd and not what I intended.


The strange thing is when I start the icue software the two stick that wont light up suddenly turn on and I get full 4 sticks of RGB lovelyness.


I had already flashed the old memory firmware using the icue software.


The one thing I noticed using cpuid is the new sticks which light up on boot are made by Samsung while the older sticks which don't light up on boot are made by SK Hynix. Everything else as far as I can read is the same.


I've tried moving the memory to different slots but the problem follows the modules regardless of slot. Ive also flashed all memory at the same time using the icue software but nothing works.


I'm now at the end of my faut finding and turn to you guys for help.


How do I get the LEDs to light up for all modules at boot up without icue?


My rig.


Windows 10 64bit

Motherboard MSI Z390 Pro Carbon

CPU Intel i7 9700k

GPU MSI 1080ti

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