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New Build and Corsair setup help


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Hi All,


i have a new build and have got all my parts now its time to put it all together and make it work.

first time user with a lot of the Corsair RGB and have been doing a lot of reading on the forums and have seen a lot of useful pictures but just wanting to clarify a few things what i am not 100% Clear on.


Below is my parts to start off:


7x LL120 RGB Fans

3 x ML120 RGB Fans

the above i got in packs so have 2 RGB fan hubs and 2x Node Pros


also have purchased 2x Commander pro's


i have the Hydro X water cooling pump and block also.


trying to work out how to wire this whole thing up i see that you are meant to have the pump plugged into line 6 on one of the commander pros but i also read to not leave gaps as well? if i only have 10 Fans to hookup will that not be a space?


my thoughts are this


1st commander pro will have a RGB fan hub plugged in ill plug 6 of the 7 LL120 into the first Commander pro and use 1 RGB Fan hub.


2nd commander pro will have 2x RGB hubs plugged in taking up both channels, port 1 on the commander pro will have the last ll120 and port 1 on the 1st RGB controller will have the ll120 fan

ports 2 3 and 4 will have the ML120 fans plugged in and on the second RGB controller plugged into this commander pro ill have those ML120 fans plugged into here


Where would i plug the CPU block RGB and Pump into? do i need to buy anything else or can i make this work with what i have?



Sorry about the wall of txt, hoping someone is able to put me on the right track?


Thanks in Advance

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The cpu block and pump rgb daisy chain together and can plug into one of the commander pro led connections. They don't need a rgb fan hub.


The part about no gaps refers to the led fan hub for rgb. If you skip a slot, the higher numbered ones won't work. The actual fan control on the commander pro doesn't matter if you skip a fan header

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Having to run an extra RGB Lighting Hub (and SATA connector) for one fan is a kind of a pain. I get around that by using a RGB plighting cable splitter like this. That will make the two fans on the splitter run in sync, but I also use them deliberately to make fan pairs run sequentially, like both top or both bottom (or 1 of each). Kind of handy.


The other option would be to move the last LL (or any of the LLs) to slot 1 on the ML RGB hub, plus the 3 MLs. Tell iCUE it is 2 x LL fans in set up. For most effects this will be the same. Sequential or "whole fan" wave effects will jump through the ML pretty fast, but it still works most of the time.


As mentioned above, the CPU block and pump will connect together and then occupy 1 lighting channel on either Commander Pro. You won't need the LNPs unless you exceed the 4 lighting channels provided by the 2 x C-Pros.


The pump only has to be on #6 if you want to use the Corsair pump presets. It will work on any header, except make sure you set that header to 4 pin in the Commander Pro iCUE settings. If you leave it on Auto it will not register the speed in iCUE.


Not leaving gaps and sequential 1-2-3-4 order only matters for the lighting hubs. That is specific to them and the lighting works in series. The C-Pro fan headers are like any other and are individually controlled.

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Thank you very much guys, I will try that over the next few days and see how i get on.

I live in New Zealand so some of our shops have limited parts around the Corsair stuff without having to purchase online but that also means a week or so waiting in shipping.


i might try the single LL fan on slot 1 of the RGB Hub infront of the ML fans and give that a test.


how do you feed the cables through and plug into the commander pro and RGB hubs and keep it in some what of an easy order to work out RGB lighting and PWM fan settings?


my origional plan was to put temporary sticky labels on the wires as i feed them through example

6 LL fans would have CP1-1 RGB1-1, CP1-2, RGB1-2 and go up to 6 that way i know on commander pro 1 and RGB 1 i plug all 6 PWM fans or RGB connectors in correct order.


for the next set of fans plugging into the second commander pro and RGB id have something like CP2-1 RGB2-1, CP2-2, RGB2-2 and so on. is that the best way of mapping it all out?

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