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LL120 LEDs Out/Non-responsive


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I've purchased a new set of LL 120 RGB fans with included lightning node pro controller and hub.


The full system is wired using the included hardware with the lighting node going direct to motherboard usb and hub direct to node.


The fans boot in the LED configuration pictured here (Bottom right had a single blue led, not anymore) and do not change pattern when I make color changes in iCue (lighting intensity is greatest on static white) but have never lit up the rainbow demo mode, even in bios.


When I set the mode to rainbow in iCue one of the green leds on the back fan will blink in proper timing but the other remains static and no other colors present.






I've tested different SATA connectors from the PSU as well as using two lines vs one with no change.


The fans also don't present any different LED response regardless of lighting channel (1/2) or fan channel (1 - 6) or when connected individually, paired or all three at a time.


I've attempted several variants of iCue and Link with no difference across the board. Have also tried without any RGB software enabled (Mobo, Razer Synapse) with no change either.


I'm having difficulty resolving whether this is a generic compatibility issue with my hardware (another brand having known issues with Ryzen for example) or if it's really possible that the whole kit I purchased new yesterday is faulty.


I've done an export of system details from iCue and can provide any related specs/info. Any help the community can provide is appreciated. I want these to shine but am reaching wit's end and am getting ready to return to Best Buy.





Corsair has approved an RMA for my kit and I am pending a return shipment to test new hardware. 10/31




The replacement kit arrived and the fans light up flawlessly, managed to get a completely dead set off the shelf the first time.

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