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H150i + 275r Airflow 8-fan configuration


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I am planning a new rig that incorporates the H150i inside the 275r Airflow and would like some input whether or not this will all work.



H150i Pro 360mm rad (using 2 of the included ML fans)

275r Airflow case

6x LL120 fans

1x RGB Fan LED Hub

1x Commander Pro

2x PWM splitters



-3 of the LL120s will be attached to the front of the front-mounted H150i, while 2 ML fans are to be attached the back of the rad for push-pull on the top 2/3rd of the radiator. I won't be able to fit a third fan on the bottom-back side of the rad due to size constraints of the case.

-The remaining 3 LL120s will be used for exhaust at the top and back of the case.

-All 6 LL120s are to be connected to the RGB Hub.

-The 2 pairs of radiator fans set up for push-pull will be connected to 2 PWM splitters (1 LL + 1 ML fan per splitter) which will occupy 2 fan headers on the CoPro. The remaining 4 fans will occupy the rest of the headers.



I am mainly concerned if the PWM splitter will cause issues with being able to control the fan speeds for the fans attached to the splitter. I don't need each fan on the splitter to have individual speed control, as I would want them to match anyways for the push-pull setup.

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