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Corsair Void Elite/Pro Wireless RGB Mic Sidetone Issue


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I've been using the Void Pro Wireless RGB for some time now, and recently upgraded to the Elite in hopes of fixing this problem, but the problem seemed to have just carried over to this headset as well. The problem even carried over to this new PC I built, so I've been able to isolate the issue to the headset itself. In iCue, I have the sidetone on about 20% of the way. I rarely use the mute button but instead flip the mic up to mute. Every now and again (I believe it's usually when I've had it muted for longer periods of time, but it's inconsistent) when I flip the microphone back down, the sidetone will be muted. However, going back into iCue shows that it's exactly at the level where I left it. Simply moving the bar up or down a little instantly fixes it, but it's really annoying to have to open iCue and move the bar every so often to be able to hear myself when the sidetone is where it's supposed to be. Anybody have a solution or similar issue?
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