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Power Draw Commander PRO + Node PRO.


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I am wondering about power draw on my SATA cables and how i should link things up.


My setup i following.


1x H150i PRO (3x ML120 PRO).

1x Commander PRO (3x ML120 PRO RGB + 2x ML120 (5X fans total), 4x Ledstrips (40 leds) connected to led port 2, 4x temp probes).

1x RGB FAN LED HUB (6x ML120 PRO RGB) connected to commander PRO led port 1.

1x NODE PRO (2x4 led strips, (40 leds on each port).

1x Samsung 860 2tb EVO.


As of now i have it connected as following.

SATA cable 1 is connected to H150i PRO, RGB FAN LED HUB and Samsung 860 EVO.

SATA cabel 2 is connected to Commander PRO and NODE PRO.


Powered by a Seasonic 850w Platinum PRO.


Anything i should change? Extra SATA from PSU to NODE PRO to balance the load?



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SATA data cables do not use much power at all. The power cable for a typical hard disk is maybe 8-9W max at cold start.


Not SATA data cable but SATA power cable :)

What i was asking is how much amps the components is pulling trough each SATA cable, each cable is capable of 4.5 amp drawn if i remember correctly :)

SO is it good to have Commander PRO and NODE pro connected on the same SATA Power cable or should i draw out a new on from the PSU?

Going to connect 4x2 led cables (from corsair) connected to the NODE PRO connector 1 and 2 (40 leds on each port) that shares the same SATA cable as my commander pro that in turn is running 5x fans alongside a led strip of 40 led (4x corsair led strips).


Still good?

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I think you are fine. The ML has a relatively low lighting current draw vs something like the LL where you might need to make some calculations if running high fan counts. They also have lower motor current compared to most of the other fans. The H150i and Lighting Hub might pull about 2.5A combined at most. You are no where near any limit.


The only time you might get into a little trouble is when you start combining multiple RGB Lighting Hubs on the same SATA line. That is on the 5v rail and I managed to befuddle myself for a few days when running 2 hubs full of LL on the same line. The PSU kept telling me to stop by hard restarting. That is when you need to stop and think about other paths.

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