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Only RGB from Fan 1 of 3 (CoPro and RGB Hub)


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Having searched an read much of what has gone before I think this warrants a new thread due to the setup:


Issue: I can only get RGB lighting from Fan 1 (of 3) when connected to the RGB hub. I have tried all 3 fans in port 1 and they all get RGB in that pot but only that fan. ALL FANS SPIN UP.


I have connected the following:

3 HD120 fans into the RGB hub with 3 pin cables and 4 pin cables on the CoPro

RGB hub into LED 2 on CoPro

CoPro detected in iCue and I setup 3 HD120s on Lighting Channel 2 with raindow effect

CoPro did a firmware update too so i completed this before setting up the fans in iCue.

Both RGB Hub and CoPro are on their own single sata cable from the brand new corsair 750w PSU



  • All fans spin
  • All fans RGB work in port 1 on the RGB hub (no RGB from other fans
  • I have re ordered the fans on the RGB hub connecting in ports 1 2 3 but only port 1 will work for RGB.
  • Prior to the CoPro introduction, fans all worked correctly using the RGB hub and the HD lighting controller.
  • iCue up to date
  • CoPro Firmware up to date


What have I done wrong?

All fans work (if in port 1 on the RGB hub) so it must be a connection or software issue.


I note that in icue all 3 fans display but only one is achieving 12v the rest are much lower.






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All the fans work if in slot 1 of the hub so I think it's that


Just because they all work individually in slot 1 doesn't mean that they are good. The fans pass signal to the next fan in line and this is what typically turns out to be the issue. So you need a known good fan (that works in slot 1) on slot 2 AND verify that the fan works in slot 1.

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But as I've said, each fna in slot 1 works but none of the others do in slots 2 and 3 so how can I determine a bad fan when I get all the same results with the fans in the slots as you describe.


Logged with support so hopefully they'll sort me out (rma)

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