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Need advice on my Timings with a 3900x please


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Hello Folks,


I've got 32 gigs of some new CMW32GX4M2C3200C16 plugged into my Asus crosshair hero VIII with a Ryzen 3900X CPU and I am just needing some advice on what timings to set in the bios.


I am not sure I have my TRC right at 70 or my TRFC correct at 525 and I am not sure what to adjust those too.


Currently the system seems stable and passes Mem Test86 at 3000MHZ with the timings in my screenshot but I am thinking I could do better with a little help.


I also don't know how to determine what Die of Ram that I have for the Ram Calculator I know that it's Samsung and likely not B die but I don't know what to option to select for the calculator.






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