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RGB Dominator Platinum Corrupt Lights


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Hi all, I hope someone can help me!


I just ordered a new PC a few days ago which I have built today.


Just to give you an idea of what I have


8 LL120 RGB Fans

Commander Pro

H100i Cooler

Z390 Ultra

i7 9700k


M2 250GB


So all was well and good, PC built and no major issues. I switched on the PC for the first time, everything was perfect. All Fans in sync, cooler (and fans) working as normal and DDR4 Dominator RGB working absolutely fine.


Installed Windows, installed all the motherboard firmware drivers - still no problem.


THEN....I installed the iCUE software. Initially this was also fine, however, it queried if I wanted to download a updated for iCUE, firmware updates for the H100i and also.... firmware updates for the DDR4 RGB Dominator RAM...



The first two updates ran through no problem, however the DDR4 RGB Dominator platinum firmware was stuck on 6% (for at least 30 minutes). There was a note on the update that said please do not restart as it can cause issues with the components. Okay fine...I can wait...so I waited another 30-45 minutes...still 6%...okay this thing has definitely crashed and so I rebooted.


Started the PC back up and opened the iCUE software again - update complete and all firmware up-to-date. I look at my PC and can see that 1/4 DDR4 sticks is showing 2 LED lights (1 at the very top and 1 at the very bottom). Okay so maybe there is a lighting setup in iCUE that is setting it to display this...deleted all Profiles for the Dominator DDR4 and still showing red.


I rebooted, still 2 LEDs.


I changed the stick to another slot and that DDR4 stick is still showing 2 LEDs (problem stays with the DDR4 stick regardless of which slot it is in).


I have uninstalled iCUE software and reinstalled - same issue.


I have attached an image so people can see. Is there anyway to reset the firmware? Please help :(.




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