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K95 RGB Platinum disconnect problem


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Hello guys,


my new K95 keyboard drives me crazy. On the first 1-2 days it worked fine, but since than it disconnects all the time.


I tried everything. Bought an USB HUB with 5v2a adapter. Reinstalled ICUE, changing the polling rate, updated BIOS, Intel chipset driver etc.

Nothing solved the issue.


Does anyone can suggest what to do?


Some people suggested to uninstall and not use icue at all, but that just make things worse.

It seems that if the rgb is off, the keyboard lasts longer.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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I'm getting some disconnect issues on my K70, but it also affects my mouse. Not sure if it's the keyboard, Windows, drivers or motherboard.


But while investigating this I found a bunch of posts suggesting looking at the power options of Windows for USB devices.

Might help you.





It seemed to help me initially - but issues have started again

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