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Corsair i160 OC settings?


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Searching OC settings for the i160 built.


I've used a general MSI guide and followed up a CPU bench with 3dmarks TIMESPY.


However I am not liking the result with manually OC.


These are the following steps I've taken from a MSI guide on youtube.



1. OC Explore Mode Set to [Expert]


CPU Ratio Apply Mode [All Core]

CPU Ratio 50


CPU Ratio Mode [Fixed Mode] All Run at 5Ghz no matter what for system stability

CPU Ratio Offset When Running AVX [-3] Tip from the guide




DigitALL Power>


CPU Loadline Calibration Control [Mode 4] Perfect no matter what load see diagram rightside in bios




CPU Core Voltage 1.320

CPU SA Voltage 1.200

CPU IO Voltage 1.200


DRAM Voltage 1.360




Overclocking\CPU Features


Intel C-State [Disable] (Power saving mode)


Alternative that has been applied and followed


CPU Ring Ratio 47 3 under

CPU Core Voltage Mode "override och auto (same?)




I haven't set a throttling temperature - should I?


My temperature with the fan curve is a bit weird, the CORE0 is higher than the others and overallt the temps jumps a bit.


Looking at the HW monitor the voltage of i9900k jumps between 1.215(4)-1.3.












3DMark CPU test score 9 057 (3.6Ghz) 9169 with XMP enable


2. Game Boost


3DMark CPU test score 10 426 (4.8Ghz / 4000Ghz in the end) 10 242 with XMP enable


3. Enhanced Turbo + XMP


CPU-Z (5GHZ Singel thread 582.3 Multiply thread5050.1

3DMark CPU test score 10 575 (5GHZ dropped too 4.4 then back up too 5GHZ)


4. 5Ghz Overclock + XMP


CPU-Z (5GHZ ST 587.9 MT 5242.3/ 3DMark CPU test score 8 784 (It went down to lower rates aswell)


I am looking for a 5-5.2 overclock if possible. Any suggestions, guidelines is appreciated.

Also something I noticed is with the XMP enable, my stats at CPU-Z memory I dont think it works, dont know what value I should see but should it not be, show more(doubble) than 1333 in DRAM freq?



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