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Question H100i Pro


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Not quite how I would describe it. If you kill the LED and the coolant temp drops 5C in a flash, it means the coolant temp sensor is probably too close to the LEDs and is absorbing some of the heat. It would take a 95 TDP CPU about 3-5 minutes to heat the water up 5C. It would take 3-5 minutes for the cooler to shed 5C worth of heat. So if you see it change in a flash, it's not really there. There isn't an actual temp change to the coolant and thus no CPU temp change as well.


It seems like you wanted the LED off for other reasons, so this likely makes little difference. If it is an issue, contact Corsair support. With the LED thing, you are more likely to big changes with white vs purple or blue at 50%. That is another way to demonstrate it is a sensor issue rather than actual CPU heat.

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