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Stuttering and micro-freeze with CMK16GX4M2A2666C16


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Hello Everyone, (sorry for my english i'm french )


Few month ago, i did a post with those same trouble that i have since i build my own computer in july 2018, i have experience some stuttering, micro-freeze, it has been more than a year now and i have still those same stuttering and micro freezing and i don't know what i can do, i felt sick ( very sick ) since my post in february i was on bed for 6 month, so i didn't really wanted to go further in my research, but since i'm still a youtubber on anime review, and a high level player in Fortnite, i can't continue like this .


My pc spec is :


Asus b350 prime plus.

Ryzen 1700X 3.4GHZ (get a new one after sending back my last one with RMA )

Nvidia 1060 gtx ( Send it to MSI tech in holland, no problem here )

Be quiet BN278 600W

Samsung evo 860 SSD


I want to know if its normal to get a micro freeze in the bios ? I mean when i want to go in DRAM settings to put timing my self after disable XMP profil, there is a micro freeze ( 10 second ) before i can go and see timing, it doesn't appear in other settings or menu, only when i click on DRAM settings, is this a clue ?


Like a said in my spec, i send back my ryzen, and my GPU after i get sick to see if it could be the problem.


The stuttering micro freeze appear when there is multiple task ( lauching chrome, and fortnite for exemple during 2-3 second when there is only ONE monitor and 10-15 second when there is multiple monitor plug in like my TV or my Samsung monitor )



To be more clear :

Microfreeze and stuttering only in DRAM timing menu when i want to go in ( few second )

More longer when there is multiple Monitor. ( GPU and CPU are good)


Bios is update to the last version and drivers too.

Did a multiple clean install of Windows.

Try to run memtest with xmp and not ( 0 Error of 2 pass yet )

Try one RAM, and the other after still the same freezing.

Temp ok for everything


RAM corsair CMK16GX4M2A2666C16



Do you think it's ram issue ?



Thanks for the reading and time guys.

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