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M65 PRO - Profile based polling rate? (getting coil whine)


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I've got an M65 PRO and it seems to be generating quite a bit of coil whine at 1000Hz.


Turning down the polling rate has a tangible effect on the amount of noise. To have it inaudible, I have to set the polling rate to 250Hz or lower.


Additional Note:

- It also seems to occur when using interacting with applications such as FireFox or Windows, however when interacting with certain apps such as iCUE, it doesn't seem to be audible.

- I've tried different USB ports to no avail



My questions are:


1. Any ideas on how to resolve the coil whine?


2. If not, is there a way to set polling rates based off game profiles? Logitech allows for polling rates to be based off profiles, but it appears iCUE only has one central setting for the mouse in Settings.





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