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Problem with K70 MK.2 SE


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Hi there!


When i connect the keyboard all work perfectly untill 30min- 1hr , the keyboard get frozen, all lights and keys, i cant do nothing when this hapens, only connect and disconnect it untill work again. I will apreciate any help!

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  • Corsair Employees



We would first suggest you try a soft-reset of the keyboard. This will clear the keyboard internal memory, which often corrects issues such as the one you are experiencing. Please follow the directions below:


1: Unplug the keyboard.


2: Press the Esc key


3: While holding the Esc key, plug in the keyboard.


4: Hold the key down for 10 seconds.


5: Release the key.



if problems persist, I would suggest getting in contact with technical support a creating a ticket. They can help diagnose the problem and assist with an replacement if your under warranty.




Kind regards,

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