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Updated from CUE to ICUE and the porgram will not open


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Today my corsair scimitar macros stopped working after the latest windows update. I saw the program wasn't up to date, so i decided to update, (I was still on CUE, didn't even know ICUE was a thing).


It proceeded to uninstall my graphics drivers crashing the wow game I had open, and stopping display on 1 of my 2 monitors.


I didn't realize it had done that at the time, so i restarted my pc, and disconnected my devices to no avail. Only upon updating my display adapter drivers did i get my monitor back, and only after seeing my Nvidia Gefore experience program gone some time later did i notice my graphics drivers were reset to the version they were when i purchased my pc.


It appears im not the only one with this issue:


I have since performed over a dozen clean installs, pc restarts, and various driver updates, and ICUE still has not opened once. Whenever I select it, it loads briefly, and I can see the program open in my task manager, but it is nowhere to be found.


Anyone have this issue, or know a fix?

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