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Harpoon Wireless RGB scroll wheel issues


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I just got my new Harpoon Wireless RGB. Immediately getting some trouble with scrolling.


Is this normal behaviour of the mouse, or did I get a faulty unit?


  • Trying to scroll a document with two scrolling motions in rapid succession in either direction, the 2nd scroll might not register at all, or the document moves only a little bit
  • Faster movement of the scrolling wheel might scroll the page only a little bit
  • In general scrolling seems to produce varying results

I have tried the mouse on macOS with the iCUE and without, and on Windows on a different computer. Wireless (2.4G / Bluetooth) and with wire. I always get same bad scrolling.


As a bonus the 2.4Gz seems to be very unreliable. I have the USB receiver on the desk mouse level, and only about 40cm away from the mouse, but sometimes I get "choppy" mouse movement.

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A little update. I managed to do some testing with another Harpoon RGB Wireless.


The scroll wheel on this second Harpoon is nearly as bad. Responds to scroll better, but I still gives a bit wonky scroll at times. Doesn't feel good enough for over 100e mouse.




This second unit also is not working on macOS properly. On Windows side feels pretty normal compared to the macOS performance. So probably driver issue after all. Using the latest iCUE & Firmware.


I'll put in a support ticket.

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