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How do people control their case/AIO fans?

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I've been trying to optimise the setup of my fans for best balance between noise and cooling and realised there are so many ways to do it. I wondered what the rest of you do. Currently I do the following:


1) My case fans are controlled by a temperature probe within the case (near the outlet fan) connected to my Commander Pro

2) My Centre front intake fan and rear outlet fan cut in when the case gets to 30 degrees C

3) My other two front intake fans cut in when the case temp gets to 33 degrees C

4) My AIO fans (2 x 140mm venting out of the top of the case) are controlled by the temp of the AIO liquid and cut in at 28 degrees C (i.e. on almost all the time)


N.B. MY GPU is air-cooled (open style rather than blower), so the above setup works well as the case fans ramp up quickly when the GPU starts pouring hot air into the case.


When I do all of the above I end up with an under-load case temp of between 33.5 and 34 degrees C, My i7-8700 at 60 degrees or below and my RTX 2060 at 80 degrees or less.



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