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Wireless Headphones and Mouse not working together

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I've recently purchased the Void Pro Wireless and the Dark Core Wireless accessories for my computer but I am having problems when both of them are connected at the same time.

When I have both connected to my computer either the sound or the mic will stop working on my headphones. As soon as I plug the mouse's wireless receiver out, then it works perfectly.


Things that I've tried

  • I've tried reinstalling iQUE and it's running on the lastest verison.
  • The mouse's firmware is on the latest version.
  • The headset's firmware is on the latest version.
  • I've tried uninstalling the driver from "Device Manager" and restarted my PC.
  • The privacy settings on windows 10 allows the microphone to be used by all apps.


Any help would be appreciated.

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How do you solve this issue? I have contacted the support but it takes for ever for them to answer. And the first response from them was to reset my headset. I did it and nothing changed.

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