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New Glaive RGB Pro not registering in iCUE


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A year ago, I bought the Corsair K95 Platinum keyboard. I installed iCUE.


I love it and love setting up different color combos for different things.




So yesterday I decided to buy the Corsair MM800 mousepad.


It registers in iCUE, but I haven't customized it yet...




I also bught a Corsair Glaive RGB Pro mouse.


It does NOT show up in iCUE.




Windows 7, 64-bit, Service Pack 1

iCUE 3.7.99




iCUE is NOT updatable because I have no internet connection. I'm posting this message from my iPad and have no reasonable way to connect my computer to the internet anymore.




Besides, this iCUE works fine with this computer and with my Corsair K95 keyboard and with Corsair MM800 mousepad.


I've customized the Corsair K95 keyboard like crazy, yet the Corsair Glaive doesn't even show up in iCUE.


ICUE should work with the Corsair Glaive mouse.


What am I doing wrong?





Steps taken:


- rebooted several times.


- I always unplug all devices before power on (always, because it prevents problems)


- have tried the mouse in the following:


.......motherboard USB port


.......USB hub


.......MM800 pass-through USB port


In every case, the result was that Windows "Installed drivers" and the mouse functions (like a dime-store mouse). But iCUE doesn't recognize it and so I can't use any of those expensive buttons for macros or any of the lighting for my own designs and profiles.


Everything else is working fine and always has.





UPDATE: I just customized the edge of my brand new MM800 mousepad in iCUE. My color scheme is associated properly with one of my K95 keyboard color schemes.


BUT THE CORSAIR GLAIVE still does NOT show up in iCUE.


What's wrong?


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Thanks Apophis.


I'll have to think about it.


I might just return it to BB though because I checked Amazon reviews and although I didn't find much about this prob, I DiD find a distressing number of reviewers saying that the left mouse button of my model goes bad very quickly for a whole bunch of reviewers. It looks like I have anywhere from one week to about six or nine months before this thing is toast anyway.


I also read the reviews for their probable closest competitor and found no problems there.


This was an impulse purchase based on perceived quality of the K95. But apparently that quality doesn't extend to this Glaive mouse. Bad switches probably, but perhaps they're digging in instead of switching switch-makers.


Anyway, I may just have to abandon brand loyalty in this case. Makes me sad though.




UPDATE SUCCESSFUL. So I've been able to add lighting/color customization for the Glaive mouse in several of my lighting profiles.


Unfortunately, customizing the 3 color zones for this Glaive mouse in iCUE is more problematic than customizing the lighting zones for the K95 keyboard or the MM800 mousepad. I've been successful, despite the software problems that made it extremely difficult to get a specific color into a specific zone if wanting to make changes after the first pass. So forget about trading places with the colors. You have to start over instead because there is no sequence of clicks that will get the color trades you want to make into the zones where you want them to show after first assigning them elsewhere.


So if you don't like a particular color combo that you've designed for your Glaive mouse zones, DELETE it and START OVER with your new idea.


None of the above applies to the other devices that I've happily customized. In other words, lighting up my K95 keyboard and MM800 mousepad with lots of different lighting schemes was a fun and easy pleasure, including making lots of adjustments and color trades during the process.


These customization complaints ONLY APPLY to the Glaive RGB Pro. It seems from my perspective like the Glaive mouse lighting customization portion of the iCUE software wasn't programmed by the same people as the rest of the lighting customization software.

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