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Intermittent Hardware Macros


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I've got two k95 rgb platinum keyboards. One on my personal desktop machine, the other on my work laptop. I don't use the icue software on the work laptop. I did when I first got the KB so that I could create the macros and write them to the KB.


Both keyboards have the same problem.


Occasionally when I boot my pc, the macros do not work. Most of the time they do, but sometimes they just do nothing. Rebooting won't fix it, loading icue won't fix it (icue on the desktop will say that the keyboard isn't detected). In both cases, the lighting still works and all buttons other than programmed macros will work. The resolution is always to unplug both USB plugs for the k95's and plug them back in.


Both computers are running Win10. Both are Intel systems. Desktop is gigabyte z170x-ud5 th and laptop is hp zbook studio x360 g5 with an hp thunderbolt dock. The kb is plugged directly into the desktop, it's plugged into the docking station for the laptop. I'm using hardware macros rather than icue macros.


As you can see, I've got a workaround. I'm looking for a solution to prevent it from happening. Seems reasonable given the high cost of these things. I though I'd check on the forum before opening a trouble ticket. Anyone have any ideas?

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