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My corsair lighting strips are behaving strangely while gaming and its baffling!


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For the reference, I have a commander pro, 2 lightning node pros, and a rgb hub, a long with 3 ML14Os, a Corsair Dominator Ram cooler, 4 lighting strips.


This issue only occurs with a game running, and has never occurred on my desktop.


2 of my strips behave oddly only seeming to occur while gaming, and as I have said have not occurred with just running windows, or with my game being alt tabbed.


They flicker, although set to static in iCUE and change colors dimming and hardly working. I will link a video on you tube of my PC showing the issue. My Dominator fan cooler recently has the lights also blinking going on and off. Shortly after I alt tabbed or have quit a game, the lights resume working normal.


Perhaps a youtube video will explain my issue better. Please watch the video.





I thought perhaps my corsair CS750M wasn't giving enough power to the strips while gaming, but I almost positive there is enough power. As of yet I have not disconnected these 2 strips but I may see if they are faulty. However they work, just not when gaming. I don't get it.


My iCUE is also up to date. My computer and BIOs all have the most recent drivers, and I have no further issues with anything in my PC but these 2 flickering strips during gaming, and sometimes the dominator ram cooler flickering while gaming as well. And some games it doesn't tend to happen, like CSGO, when playing sometimes it occurs but mostly this issue doesn't. While playing newer games, like I am playing Greedfall as well, the issue always occurs once the game is loaded. Same goes for Star Wars Battlefront. I am mostly playing CSGO but i play other games as well. Only by CSGO does this issue seem to not really occur, but with all other games it does. *Is happening sometimes in CSGO.*


If you can help me sort this out, I will forever be in your debt. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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