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problems with strafe mk.2


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Hi. I have Strafe mk.2, and I can use the keyboard normally, and although the rgb worked fine too until recently now always appears in default colors.


In icue sometimes the keyboard doesn't appear, but when it does, it has a red triangle below and I can't control the rgb.

I have downloaded the latest firmware but it remains the same. I have other products and rgb work good.

The product is still under warranty.


I would appreciate a help. Sorry my english.

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We would first suggest you try a soft-reset of the keyboard. This will clear the keyboard internal memory, which often corrects issues such as the one you are experiencing. Please follow the directions below:


1: Unplug the keyboard.


2: Press the Esc key


3: While holding the Esc key, plug in the keyboard.


4: Hold the key down for 10 seconds.


5: Release the key.


If issues persist I would suggest creating a ticket with our technical support team.


Kind regards,

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