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Corsair Virtuoso dongle issue or driver issue?


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I've got a set since the 2nd Oct, While i didn't see any issues initially apart from the ususal crappy icue bug that won't install the driver properely half the time.


However since playing online with friends, have used discord and steam voice chat when playing grim dawn theres some weird audio clips,missing sounds, best way to describe is like a speaker constantly switching itself off and on randomly, until the point i've noticed the dongle is not lit up white anymore without either switching the headset off and on or restarting windows and then it's alright for a bit, it's a pain in the *** never had these issues with any other headset in the past, i've tried the usual, reinstall drivers, tried 2 other usb ports, that is not the issue, it sounds to me like the dongle is having issues communicating with more than 1 audio source or it needs a new firmware or none of the above and Corsair have done the impossible and completely messed up one of the best looking headsets of recent time, either way if do not respond within the time i have left to send these back then i'm going to have to send them back and see if a new batch or firmware resolves the issue in the future.

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