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Is anybody else having the game 'not responding' at launch thing with Cue installed?


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Its literally driving me mad and i can't get a response from support.


Any game on my pc with cue software installed does 2 things..


it takes 5 mins+ for every game game to start and goes 'not responding'


if any usb device is plugged in, notably Xbox One Controllers or the Void headset, it will crash my game.


uninstall the software and all problems are fixed.


Have formatted 3 x and installed things fresh, 1 at a time, the problem is not my end, i have tried every combination going.


I have been having this problem for as long as i can remember, i have tried older versions of cue up to 3.17.


I feel cheated that i have all this Corsair stuff and its unusable, and i'm stuck with it after the amount i paid for it all.

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