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Defective RMA Power Supply


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So about 10 month ago my AX850 Power supply failed i still had about 3 week left on the warranty.


Naturally i Start a RMA process and it went trough.

In the meanwhile i bought a 60$ EVGA power supply to use it while waiting


A week later i receive a new AX860i in the mail.


Since i already had a power supply install i waited since its been working.


So when i had time i installed the AX860i it worked for about 2 week before failing. So i went back to the EVGA power Supply


I tried to Start a ticket to RMA the AX860i but they said the warranty was over.


Do i have any option?



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Don't take my word for it, but typically in an RMA situation the warranty is based on the original date of purchase of the original piece. The replacement does not extend that window or reset it in any way.


So if you were 3 weeks from end of warranty, it took a week to get a replacement and the replacement lasted two weeks, it could very well be that your original warranty truly is expired.


Kinda sucks, but there it is.

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