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Macros not executing on Strafe RGB MX


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So I updated my keyboard firmware to the latest firmware version (3.08) and it seems like since I updated it none of my macros will execute. All the other functions, text, sounds from the macros being executed, lighting, everything works fine. Even profile switching works, but none of my macros work in the slightest. Is there anyway to rollback to the previous firmware version, or anyway to fix this on this version?


And a quick btw, I tried repairing and reinstalling iCue, restarting my laptop, and changing the USB port it's plugged into. And to no avail does this work still. I'm stumped as to what to do. I made an account just to find a fix for this lol


EDIT: So I don't know how, but I guess restarting my laptop a third time helped!

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