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Hydro X Series XC7 XC9 improved temperatures


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So i decided to clean my Hydro X Series XC7 CPU block, in doing so i increased my cooling temperatures


I cleaned off the pre applied paste and switched to


Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 12.5 W / m · K 1 g thermal grease (-200 to 350 ° C)


After undoing the block and resting my temps dropped around 8c on average (5-10c total)


Im running a Ryzen 3900X as my CPU


Normal operational temps at idle was around 35-45cm, im now seeing 25-35c :biggrin:


You need a T6 Screwdriver to undo the screws, took me all of about 5mins todo this, i applied quite a decent amount of new paste. Large pea with some small peas around the gaps :cool:









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First off that's a nice looking build..:D:


Second. when you took the GPU Block apart It looks like the GPU block fins had gunk buildup in them from your pic. Was that the case and what coolant did you use?


And Third.. how long has your system been up before you decided to clean the block?

Thanks for any info.


I used TGK on my GPU as well. Good stuff. :sunglasse


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I just in stalled one, flushed my rads and all and it’s already got some whitish looking gunk in it right from the start... however I’m going to just run with it till I do a gpu block,


My temps drop to low 30s then bounce to the 40s cause Ryzen is crazy and Icue always uses 50% of 1 core....

But if I was actually able to idle I’d say I’d be in the high 20s..

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That's the beauty of Ryzen, kicking up clocks making your PC feel swift and responsive. If you want your PC to idle, turn it off or set sleep mode :D


Good temps. Always remember, Ryzen will automatically boost itself until there's no more thermal headroom. Counter-intuitively - the better cooling you have, the hotter it will run (or at least as hot as with worse cooler) because it will always automatically boost when there's thermal and power window.

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