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Forced to Repair Windows / System Restore after the latest iCUE software update!


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As the title states, if I update to the latest version of the iCUE software, the most recent update (3.20.80 I guess), I can't boot into Windows (I'm running Windows 10 64 bit), I'm forced into Windows Recovery troubleshooting/repair, and I have to use System Restore to roll back before the iCUE update! I attempted to update the software a second time after the first attempt resulted in my PC being unable to boot into the OS, in the event that something went awry during the first installation for whatever reason, but it's the same outcome.


And after performing System Restore, the iCUE software no longer detects any of my devices (Corsair Commander Pro fan controller, Lightning Node Pro, and K70 RGB mechanical keyboard). I noticed that this problem became resolved in my second attempt to update the software, because all of my devices showed back up, so the update appears to go just fine until I reboot my PC. This means I can't even just keep running an older version of iCUE, which just adds insult to injury.:(:


I'm currently using iCUE version 3.19.120 and I have never experienced this issue with the software after any of the prior updates until now (been running since June or July I believe). I also have Corsair LINK installed, but it's already running the latest version ( Windows update just recently installed some beefy updates the same day that the iCUE update rolled out, so I thought maybe the Windows updates could be to blame, but nope, I'm currently fully updated in Windows and able to reboot just fine; it's only the iCUE software update that stops my PC from booting.


This is beyond frustrating.:mad: Has anyone else experienced this, or have any idea what the problem could be? Perhaps a software conflict of some sort. The only thing I can think of of is HWinfo64, but I did not have that running during either instance that I attempted updating iCUE.

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1. Uninstall 3.19 and delete folder 'Users/yourname/AppData/Roaming/Corsair' then reboot.


2. Download and install the latest iCUE (3.20) then reboot.


If that doesn't work then I don't know what will.


Hey, looks like this did the trick. Thanks a lot! :biggrin:


Just to be safe, I also uninstalled the HWinfo64 driver and turned off persistent driver so it would not reinstall again so long as the program is not running. So anyone else experiencing this may want to do so as well.

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My experience is somewhat similar - especially the failure to detect devices when iCue was rolled back. Here's my experience - in some detail in case any of this is useful to anyone...


My devices: K95 RGB keyboard, Scimitar Pro RGB mouse, MM800 RGB Polaris mousemat. My PC specs are in my profile.


1. Updated to iCue 3.20.80 (previous version was 3.18).

2. It changed my screen resolution. Restart didn't fix, had to manually change resolution.

3. Games became unplayable. Frame rates dropped to 1 or 2 FPS, games sometimes hung forever on loading screens.

4. iCue ate up loads of CPU when in focus (c.30%). When not in focus, it went back to around 0.5%.

5. NVIDIA Graphics Driver and Geforce Experience both disappeared from the PC. I had to reinstall them, and NVIDIA's install process confirmed that both were missing...

6. Did a System Restore to just prior to the iCue 3.20 install. This took iCue back to 3.18 and made the system run smoother.

7. But... like the OP, iCue completely stopped detecting all my Corsair devices.

8. Unable to reinstall or reset the devices. Unplugging and replugging didn't work, nor did following Corsair's reset instructions.

9. Did another System Restore, reverting back to the iCue 3.20.80 update. Got all my Corsair devices and setting back (a bit scrambled but things were present and functional).

10. iCue seemed to be eating a bit more CPU than usual when in focus, but it wasn't a huge problem. When all three Corsair devices were plugged in, CPU usage spiked to about 7% but quickly levelled out at around 2.5%.

11. But... NVIDIA was gone again... and needed a reinstall (same as above).

12. Once NVIDIA was reinstalled, PC needed restarting to get the Start menu to work.

13. And another but... some Windows default programs stopped working (Photos, Store, Mail), and needed a manual repair.

14. So far, programs and games are functioning ok, although games are perhaps a bit slower to load and to play.

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