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RMA'd Ram, was sent incompatible Ram back - acceptable?

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I had 32g of matched ram X2 16gb in my Ryzen build. Everything running smoothly.


I had to RMA 2x 16g and they returned me a different version. The old ram all used Hynix-MFR chip's and the new is some sort of budget B-die.


The ram will not play nice with each other, I've been told by support that they don't guarantee what Ram they send back.


Am I right in thinking this isn't acceptable? When I bought the Ram originally I made sure it was compatible with each other and my board. Now I have 16g of ram sitting on my desk unable to be used for the purpose I bought it for.


Hopefully Corsair can reach out and sort this out, I don't mind returning my old ram or the new RMA for some hynix chip's, I know it sounds mad but I'd rather have Hynix-MFR instead of B-die i this situation...


Other than this problem the support was good (up until now)

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Do you have a ticket number to look into this and see if a an agent can further help you on this?



Any news Wootaru?


I spoke with Corsair RMA support and it seems like they don't give a damn.


I payed for 32gb of ram for my system, and the direct incompetence of Corsair means I can only use 16gb.


If I wanted to use 16gb that's all I would have bought in the first place....



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