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2 of 3 fans not lighting up with Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro


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Hello everyone! I just built a new PC, set everything up just fine but i'm having trouble getting the RGB lights to work correctly.


This is what i got:

2x ML140 RGB on the front side + Lighting node pro + Hub

1x ML140 RGB on the back side

1x Commander Pro

1x H115i

2x Vengeance RGB rams


I connected the Commander Pro's USB port to one of the USB ports on the mainboard. I then connected the 4-pin connectors of the fans to the Commander.

Then i connected the lighting node's USB connector to one of the commander's available ports. (i have also connected the front usb ports to the commander, since i only have 2 ports on the mainboard and the other one is already used up) I also connected the 3 fan's led connectors to the Lighting Hub and the into the Lighting Node Pro's port 1.


I then installed Corsair Link and iCue. Everything is detected in both softwares, the commander autodetected the 3 fans.

I have then set up the Lighting node: on channel 1, i selected "ML Fan" and 3 units. However, only 1 fan is actually lit up, fan n°3, the rear one. I can't seem to get the other ones to work, even by switching them in the Hub.

What am i doing wrong? Everything else, AOI cooler, rams, GPU is lighting up correctly.


All softwares are up to date, and the firmwares too.

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Uninstall Link. It serves no purpose in your build and you have no legacy devices that require it. iCUE replaced it and it has control.


Try setting instant lighting to white/red/blue (whatever) in the iCUE drop down panel. Do all fans respond?


It is really the fan in RGB Lighting Hub slot #3 that lights and 1 & 2 do not? This is unusual since they work in series. If something is wrong on #1, then nothing lights. If something is wrong on #3, 1 & 2 should work, while 3-6 would not.

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