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CMX512-2700C2 errors

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Whenever i run memory intensive programs or games my computer seems to crash. The problem is resolved for the most part when i raise the voltage to 2.7 and change the command time to 2T, with everything else at SPD, however running memtest86, i still get several errors.


im running an athlon xp 2200+ on a Abit-AN7. i've tried two other motherboards with memtest, an Abit-NF7 v2 and a Gigabyte 7VRXP and they both return several errors in memtest.


this is an old model i used to run with an older motherboard that ran at 266 mhz fsb, where for the most part it worked fine. however, i've recently upgraded and wanted to push some limits, but i think ive isolated the part that is holding me back. i'd like to rma this model if possible.



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