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Presario Laptop : System Select VS Value Select Memory


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I have a Compaq Presario 2810EA laptop and I'm about to upgrate the memory by adding 512Mb (the computer comes with 256Mb). According to 'RAM Guy', I should use the CMSS512MB-266SOD System Select memory. Unfortunately, I can't find this product here in Greece and it would be too expensive for me to buy it from an e-shop outside the country. The only solution seems to be to purchase the Value Select VS256SDS266 memory which is available.


Are there any chances that the Value Select memory will work for my system, with or without discarding the manufacturer's 256Mb DIMM that is currently installed?



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I just installed my new VS512SDS266 memory module, without removing the manufacturer's 256Mb SODIMM. So, the system currently runs with 768Mb of RAM and works like a charm! However, I can't say I've stressed it much, with applications that consume large amounts of RAM (at the moment the system has about 300Mb free physical memory and uses 400Mb as system cache). If I encounter any problem (e.g. BSOD or weird crashes) I'll keep you informed.


Thanks for the help

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