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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE feedback

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I checked a ton of reviews and a very large proportion of them noted this self same issue.

The Earcup Padding whilst lovely and soft compresses to almost nothing when I put the headset on. This means that my ears come into contact with the speaker grills that protect the drivers.

This is extremely uncomfortable.

The padding needs to be at least 2 times as, and probably 3 times, as dense.

As I said I knew this before purchasing so have ordered a set of aftermarket Ear Pads from China.

2) Why no Corsair Ear Pads?

Again something many reviewers mentioned why are there no corsair replacement ear pads with different material options.

3) PLEATHERETTE material

Personally I am not a fan of the Pleatherette Ear Pads I find them extremely hot and sweaty.

I would much prefer to use a soft microfibre and/or breathable style of fabric.

My replacement Ear Pads come with the plastic fixing bracket pre-attached (so no messing around removing the original earpads) with thicker foam and breathable fabric all for £16 (about $20) AND being shipped from China....

I would have much preferred to buy from Corsair directly......

4) Icue 4x - a downgrade from the 3x version.....

Having owned Corsair k70 Rapid Fire, a H115i and Scimitar Pro for 5yrs+ I came from Corsair Icue 3x and was looking for a new headset when I then bought the Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE.

Neither the H115i or the Scimitar Pro mouse would work with Icue 4xxx - (I can live without the H115i showing up)

Not wanting to run both the 3x and 4x versions (if that is even possible) or losing all functionality of my existing mouse I essentially was forced into upgrading to the latest SCIMITAR RGB ELITE Optical.

Whilst annoying this was partially ok.

What I was disappointed to find was that Icue 4x is a poor revision of 3x. 

It is harder to use, with less functionality (from what I can see).

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  • Corsair Employees
On 8/15/2021 at 10:55 AM, RealTime9 said:

It fixed the issue on my AMD system. Perhaps you can try it and report back?


Also, you say it's "driver issue by the program. Not Software malfunction". There are many levels to audio hierarchy in Windows 10. The fact that some people have zero issues and some are plagued with issues tells me this is a deeper issue and not just at the headset/software/driver level. Have you noticed that most of the people reporting issues with Virtuoso are running AMD hardware? Coincidence? I think not.


AGESA is the framework upon which AMD systems, among many other functions, allocate CPU and Memory resources to USB-connected peripherals. Fixes implemented here impact how your system will function at its basest level. The fact that every major computer media outlet and blog picked up this news and reported on it should give some indication about how important and far-reaching this update is.


Educate yourself

Maybe think about what you're posting before actually posting? Maybe? 

Please don't discourage each other from discussion, we appreciate all manners of insight from our customers, so thank you both.

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Aw man, I see it is a issue going back to 2019 but I'm experiencing the same issue still.

My wireless audio starts crackling after 10 min and it will be replaced by a single and high pitched, constant tone until I restart my headset.

I discovered that it occurs more frequently if I use the microphone as well and so far.

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I have the Corsair VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT headphones and overall I'm very happy with them.  I don't have the hissing or crackling mentioned in other posts. However when using them wirelessly I get an intermittent issue where they dropout for 1 second. Generally when I'm gaming and it doesn't happen all the time. One moment they are fine, then it might happen every few minutes so I switch back to the USB cable. Switch to wireless mode the next day and it might happen again from the get go or not at all.

I've tried moving the dongle to different USB ports on both the front and back of the PC and tried both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports but it doesn't make a difference.

Is this likely to be wifi interference or an issue with the settings?

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Shell,

It is possible that your 2.4ghz connection is being disrupted by your WiFi, if the unit is very close to your router it can interfere.

If the unit is very close, I would suggest moving the router further from you device.

It could also be that you have the devices sleep mode activated, this is common issue, that when you sit still for a period of time the device will go into sleep mode and when you move to check your headset it powers right back on, this can easily be resolved by disabling this feature in iCUE.

Let me know if any of this was helpful, or if it resolves your issues, Thanks.

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