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Scimitar Pro RGB serious problems, mouse unusable


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I've been using a Scimitar Pro RGB mouse for about 2 years now, and it's treated me well for the time I've had it. However, over the past few months some serious issues have occurred over the past few months that have rendered the mouse incredibly difficult to use. Mostly involving both mouse buttons.


The left click on the mouse glitches frequently, and double clicks basically every other click. This makes it almost impossible to move windows around, single click on folders, and play games. At first I thought it was a computer problem, but it carried over to 2 other computers. After a bit of research, I found that it was normally a firmware corruption issue. However, the ICue 2 firmware updater doesn't work at all for my mouse, alerting me to the fact that it requires an update but fails to "find" or install the update. I've tried to contact support to get a firmware image, but they require a warranty. That's gone missing.


As of 2 days ago, a glitch with my right click has appeared. Right clicks don't seem to commit, a single right click turns into a bunch of short millisecond clicks, basically making my clicks rapid fire 7 or 8 times before it finally sticks . This means that first person shooters have also become terrible to play, aiming down sights turns into a river dance session, which normally results in my death. I am willing to accept that this is simply the result of wear from constant use (I play a lot of MOBA's, so my right button has been heavily abused), however it shares a lot of similarities with the firmware bug that my left click suffers from.


I'm willing to put the mouse to rest, but if there's a way to save it I'm all ears. I don't have money for a new fancy mouse. As mentioned before, so there's no repeats:


1. Can't update through ICue, says update failed

2. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, nope.

3. Both bugs appeared abruptly one day, so I don't know what could have led up to it.

4. I don't have the mouses warranty, so I can't download the firmware images.


Below is a recording of the right click glitch, this is all one held click:




tldr; Mouse messed up, bringing me down in ranked.

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