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K65 Lux RGB Firmware Corrupt


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Hey guys, so I've been having hardware/firmware based issues on my K65 Lux. I've had to temporarily unplug the keyboard, because if it stays plugged in it effectively makes my entire PC unusable as it acts as if the SHIFT key is being held constantly, sometimes when plugging it back in, no key backlights will turn on, and the Scroll and Caps lock LEDs are lit up, sometimes flashing.


I have tested the keyboard on my partner's PC and it does the exact same, either acting up, or just doing nothing.


The one time I have managed to get it to work, I did a firmware update through iCUE and it didn't do anything to resolve the problem.


I spoke to my friend who owns a K95 that had the same problem and he said that the firmware file when in "CRP_DISABLD" needs to be replaced and then the keyboard needs to be hard reset.


My question is, is there anyone out there with a good working firmware file/ another fix for this.


PS: I don't want to RMA, as it is just a pain for me.

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