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Problem since updating iCUE to version 3.20.80


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I updated iCUE to version 3.20.80 BUT since updating it turned off surround sound on my Void Pro Wireless RGB and when I press the toggle Surround Sound on/off button on iCUE it does NOTHING (Usually it makes a beeping sound when I toggle the surround sound) also when I try to toggle surround sound on my headset by pressing the volume slider on the headset it does not work and does the turn off surround sound beep when I press the volume slider but it does not seem to do the slightly different beep it should do for turning on the surround sound. I can't even use my headset without surround sound turned on listening to stuff or watching videos on it sounds weird to me and I can't even play games without surround sound


EDIT ALSO I am noticing now that it beeps randomly out of nowhere like roughly every 1-2 mins which it never normally did after I first configured the headset to my liking and it is VERY ANNOYING

ANOTHER EDIT I am also now noticing that my headset auto shuts off ALL THE TIME after EVERY 5 minutes which it NEVER did before (It even stayed on if I left it on charging and my PC was off or whatever and even if I happened to leave it overnight or something because before it only auto shut off when it was on wireless mode and was not charging at all and had no sound going through it for around 5 or so minutes)

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