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PC Freezes after returning from sleep mode


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My PC freezes & restarts after returning from sleep mode.

Also happens when I switch windows(alt+tab) during game & sometimes it happens when i quit the game.


Does this happens due to different DRAM manufactures.

DRAM manufactures are different for my 2 rams

1) SK Hynix

2) Micron Technology


Thank you.

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No i didnt update the bios.

Do i need to change anything in bios or update to the latest bios?

Thank you


Well updating bios can be a double-edged sword but in this case you do seem to be having an issue so it may be worth a try.


Perhaps browse the MSI forums first to see if you can spot a similar issue and whether a bios update fixes the problem.


If that board is capable of bios flashback then it's much less of a worry as you can go back to a prior version if needed. You may want to note what current version you have before updating. This way if you have to go back you know what that version it was.

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