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ICUE Tempature color issue.


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So I've set it up were the H100i color changes with the cpu temp with iCUE v3.20.80. Device firmware is up to date.


Blue for 50c

Purple for 65c

Green for 70c


However when I turn my PC on or off the color is wrong. It's always purple till I login to my windows account. This wasn't always the case, and it worked correctly last month.


My mobo reports a cpu temp of 26c-32c. I'm not sure why the Core or Package sensor is reporting differently during this time.


Any thoughts on how to correct this?


MOBO Temp: https://imgur.com/Is92WRx


Package sensor: https://imgur.com/Yy0qD0i


Core sensor:https://imgur.com/79voVz2


PC: https://imgur.com/MBKiJKC

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