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LL120 RGB Fan LED Light Problems


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Hi, I built my PC earlier this year and up until a couple of days ago the LL120 RGB fans started doing strange lighting. I have 4 fans plugged into the Corsair Node and the Node plugged into the Commander Pro. I'm currently using a Static White setting.


Here is the multiple problems I am having;

- All 4 fans have 1 single LED on the outer rim either off or cylcing on and off

- At random 1 fan could have 1 single LED change color even though it is set to Static White

- At random a fan will be half white and half some other random color even though it is set to Static White

-Changing the lighting effects to rainbow, Fans do not display all LED's


I have tried switching the fans around on different ports on the Corsair Node and that has not helped. I have check and made sure that all of ICUE is up to date. The last thing I can think of doing is checking the wiring but all of the fans fully light up properly when the PC is starting up.


I have a feeling this is mostly a software issue with ICUE?

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