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Alt Codes on TKL Keyboard (K65)


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Hello everyone, recently i bought a Corsair K65 TLK keyboard.


Realized that I miss the ability to insert characters using the Alt + #### combo so i thought to give the iCUE software a shot and try to emulate this function.


This is the profile I made


The profile works fine as a numpad for spreadsheets, calculator, etc. but can't input alt codes, the only way I can input if you are blazing fast (press the key combo in 0.2 seconds)



if I press Alt+1 really quick it will be successful and it will type "☺"

if I try to press something at normal human speed it will fail Alt+0169 gives nothing but it should give the Copyright symbol ©

if I make a macro using the same key inputs it will work correctly and give the correct symbol ©.


Help plz :biggrin: this is my main issue



Problem number 2 (not important):


Software is very weird when it comes to Mouse Move Absolute coordinates.


If I have 2 full hd monitors plugged the coordinates x coordinates will still be min = 0 max 1920 so the resolution drops by 2 (last pixel of second monitor will be 1920 not 1920x2 so basically i can target every other pixel, and no direct way to grab the coordinates from pictures (eg. paint)


It's fine you both monitors are in landscape mode and lined up, just divide by 2 no big deal (virtual resolution is basically 3840x1080).


Problems start when you have something like this the "vritual resolution is 3840x1163 now it's not fun to calculate the Y coordinate, now imagine Portrait mode and more complex monitor configurations.

There is also the a problem with this kind of "aligned monitor" setup that the mouse can "snag" on the edges of the monitors when crossing them (where the "void" starts")


Example: if the mouse is on the second (right) monitor at the top and you tell the macro to move the mouse somewhere on the first (left) monitor it will get stuck at the top left corner of the first monitor (or 1 pixel to the right hard to tell)


So it would be nice to have the coordinates displayed in the software or just have a coordinate picker in there somewhere.



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